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8 Hours of perfumed skin with Sheer Twilight Liquid Body Wash

LUX South Africa | 30 July 2015

As women, we all love spritzing ourselves with scents and fragrances that allow us to feel confident and smell beautiful. However, many fragrances lose their scents after a few hours and are soon forgotten. Introducing LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash with fragrance that lasts for up to 8 hours after showering!

Discover the enchanting, long-lasting fragrance of LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash, developed with the bold, intense scent of the black orchid. Carefully crafted by an expert panel of perfumers including Ann Gottlieb, Creator of fragrances for Calvin Klein, Sarah Jessica Parker; Estée Lauder, LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash allows you to step out of the shower with perfumed skin that lasts up to 8 hours. 

Firstly, you will be drawn to the enchanting purple label of the 200ml, 400ml and 750ml bottles, as they stand out from the others on the shelf. Take it in your hand, have a little sneak preview of it’s fragrance. Yes, we know, it smells divine. But, you are not done yet, spoil yourself with the lushest loofah available, your Sheer Twilight experience will not be complete without it. 

Delight in unpacking and arranging your new purchases on your bathroom shelf. If you’re feeling super bold, pair them with carefully selected colour-matching shower accessories, after all, nothing ignites a woman’s confidence more than the perfect combination of visual and seasonal bouquets. 

Here are 3 simple steps to the perfect routine on how to indulge in your LUX liquid Body Wash:

Step 1: Just a little LUX

Climb into your pre-steamed shower, dampen your loofah and then turn off your shower, conserving water as you pour a little LUX onto your loofah. All you need is a teaspoon amount for full effect.

Step 2: Work your loofah

With the water still off, take the time to massage your LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash into a rich and luxurious lather on your loofah.

Step 3: Lather in luxury

Turn on the water and warm yourself once over. As the steam rises around your ankles, indulge in the intense fragrance of your LUX Sheer Twilight Body Wash with it’s captivating top notes of Orchid, Jasmine, Peony and Tuberose.

Once you have completed the 3 steps, ensure you thoroughly rinse the lather from your skin and loofah with warm water before stepping out of the shower. Gently pat your skin dry, slip into your gown and place your feet in your slippers, taking pleasure in the lingering scents of Spicy Red Currant, Amber and Sandalwood on your skin as you do so.

LUX Tip: For a more sensual experience, dress your bathroom with candlelight and your favourite flowers. Make getting out of the shower by draping your gown over a chair and having your slippers waiting. Remember: shower time should always be a special time, of reflection, relaxation and bliss.

With proven 8 hours of long-lasting fragrance, LUX Sheer Twilight leaves your skin feeling and smelling great, igniting your confidence to embrace the day.

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