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How to give your bathroom a makeover

House of LUX HQ | 28 July 2016

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We spend plenty of time in the bathroom, so why are you ignoring the aesthetics of this sacred space? Here are some top tips on refreshing your bathroom, from doing a product spring-clean (expired stuff, begone!) to decorating your vanity with scented candles.

Tidy, tidy, tidy

Clear your counter space and pull everything out of the cupboards. Wipe storage spaces with a natural antibacterial like eucalyptus or tea-tree oil. Line the areas with scented drawer liners to keep everything smelling fresh. Replace your linens and toiletries neatly by adding baskets to store cosmetics and hooks for hair dryers, straighteners and curling tongs.

Clear out

Throw out your makeup, haircare and skincare products that are past their best-by date, or anything that is undated and you can’t remember when you purchased it.

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Paint your style

With everything tidied away into your cupboards, it’s time to take a look at the appearance of your bathroom. Minimalist, glamorous or rustic beach resort, whichever look you decide to go, there are easy ways to be stylish without breaking your budget. A lick of paint will go a long way to achieving the look you want. Visit the paint store for sample colours and hold them up against your bathroom wall – lighting differs from home to home, so how a paint colour looks in the store might be different to how it will look in your bathroom.

Scrub your tub

After you’ve finished painting, try some of these homemade cleaning ideas: Scrub your tub using a solution that is one tablespoon of liquid soap, ten drops of rosemary or peppermint essential oils, and one cup of baking soda. The resulting paste is great for gently scouring surfaces.

If your showerhead is looking chalky and blocked, a natural solution will get it sparkling without ruining the finish. Soak the showerhead in the water mixed with white vinegar for one hour. Then, scrub away any build-up on the showerhead with an old toothbrush. Rinse it clean and your shower will be as good as new.

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Give your countertops a fresh look with a new toothbrush holder and soap dispenser – stoneware accessories are really on trend now. Amp up the accents with small framed pictures on the wall and put your mouthwash in a crystal decanter for a touch of luxury. Plants are an excellent way to achieve a tropical spa feel in your own home, and many small ferns will love the steamy environment. However, for a truly relaxing experience, nothing beats dimming the lights and having a bath by candlelight.

Linen love

Replace your towels and bathmats with new linens that match the new look of your bathroom. Contrasting colours work well but classic fluffy, white towels are always in style.

Treat yourself

When your bathroom is clean and refreshed with a new luxe look, the only thing left to do is enjoy it properly. Light the candles, draw a bath and use a little LUX Sheer Twilight for a spa-like experience at home – the exotic Black Orchid fragrance will totally pamper all your senses. Don’t have a bath? Then try LUX Soft Touch, infused with French rose for a full body treat.

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