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6 indie perfume brands to try

House of LUX HQ | 23 August 2016

Discerning perfume fans that have been there, done that are now seeking out bespoke and unique fragrances to help define themselves. If you’re looking for a unique perfume to complement your favourite LUX scent, look no further than these six indie labels that are fast gaining cult followings.

1. Raw Spirit (above)

This unique perfume brand began as an art project, which took Australian photographer Russell James around the world on an exploration of ancient and modern cultures. Each earthy aroma in the Raw Spirit collection is designed to unleash different energies inside us and help reconnect us to the planet. The brand's work with indigenous and marginalised communities to sustainably source rare ingredients makes these fragrances even more appealing.

2. Blood Concept

It may sound gruesome but this quirky brand, born in 2011, is earning the attention of the hipster crowd. Billed as a declaration of identity as much as a perfume, the Blood Concept comes in three collections: a red series (O, A, B and AB), a black series (the same but darker and moodier) and an upside down series, which is designed around 'the blood of trees' with notes of seaweed… we told you it was quirky.

3. Tsi-La Organics

Stamped with an array of clean living and planet-saving accolades, the Tsi-La Organics range of perfumes is as natural as they come, with perfumes as fresh as a new summer day. Fortified with a blend of phytonutrients, super-fruits, antioxidants, essential oils and plant sterols, these botanical beauties will leave you smelling like flowers with a conscience that's just as clean.

4. Patch NYC

The fragrance collection that ex-New York City hat designers Don Carney and John Ross have concocted with Soap and Paper Factory includes the popular Serpent Solid Perfume, sold in a handbag-friendly pot and made from 100 per cent pure jojoba and beeswax—great for a girl on the go. Owl Eau de Cologne, featuring sandalwood, tobacco and vetiver, is hand-poured and carefully formulated.

5. Kerosene

As an ex-mechanic often surrounded by the scent of dirt, grease “and sometimes blood from a busted knuckle", the Michigan-born founder of Kerosene had the name for his brand long before he had the perfumes. His raw-smelling scents with notes of tobacco, oud and blood orange are as unique on the outside as they are on the inside, with bottles painted in high-quality automotive paint and clearcoat. Names like Broken Theories and Unknown Pleasures hint at the dramatic lifestyle its wearers might enjoy.

6. Smell Bent

Smell Bent's range of scents might have self-professed silly names such as Hungry Hungry Hippies and Lady Gogo, but this fun, boutique perfume house in Los Angeles is serious about its products. The fragrances are hand-blended using the choicest of ingredients. Smell Bent even gives their customers an option to write to them if you have specific allergies or look for any specific recommendation. What’s not to love?

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