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Turn your house into a home

LUX South Africa | 2 May 2017

Your home is an expression of who you are. It is a place you hold dear, where you live with loved ones and keep things you value and cherish. A home has warmth, love and joy, it is a place where there is harmony and care. What makes a house a home? Ambience - a feeling of beauty, charm and comfort created by using elements such as colour, texture, themes and fragrances. It is about combining the things you love and putting a bit of yourself out there. It is the harmony between your personality and the house you live in.

Creating ambience through plants

One of the ways of creating ambience in your home is by using indoor plants. Plants have a calming effect and ads colour, texture and fragrance as it contributes to the theme of your home.

Choosing the right plant and placing it in the right space requires some know-how. Some plants especially those with flowers will need a bit more light, but some, like the beautiful orchid, do better in kitchens and bathrooms where the humidity is high.

It is important to consider not only the light and humidity, but the size of the plant. Small flowering plants like cacti and bamboo are great for small spaces like a book shelf or a coffee table. Herbs are great for small window boxes. If you have a larger space to fill then a palm in a free-standing pot might just do the trick.

Plants that prefer partial or full shade are better suited as indoors plants. Some of these include the Cast iron plant, the Love palm, the Dragon tree, the Thatch palm, the Heart leaf Philodendron, the Mother-in –law’s tongue, the Devil’s ivy, the Peace lily, the Mahogany tree, and the Aroid palm.

Creating ambience through fragrances

Ambiance is about engaging all the senses and top of the list in terms of sensitivity is the sense of smell. Our sense of smell is 10,000 times more sensitive than our other senses. It makes sense therefore that fragrances can give your home ambiance, but it can also easily take it away. The right fragrance can bring sensory luxury to your home with a positive effect on your emotions and your mood.

Lavender – calms the nerves and helps you sleep;

Peppermint – relieves anxiety;

Citrus scents, such as grapefruit and lemon –brightens the mood and improves concentration;

Cinnamon – alleviates fatigue and exhaustion.

A home should be a sanctuary where you can recuperate from the hectic lifestyle you lead. It is the ambience created by a strategically placed plant or candle that will make your home a haven and a joy to live in. Add to the comfort of your home and ultimately your life, by simply recognizing the power of scent and the delightful effect of plants on your emotions. Make your house a home.

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