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Best shampoos to keep your hair smelling great

LUX South Africa | 22 May 2017

When people are asked what attracts them most to someone else, there’s one thing which comes up often but is also very commonly overlooked during our beauty routines. That one thing is scent. We all know how a subtle lingering of the right smell can be almost intoxicating, but it doesn’t always have to be achieved with perfume. In fact, one of our top beauty tips is to start working on getting that beautiful scent as soon as you step in the shower.

Is there anything better than the scent of freshly washed hair? If you’ve invested in a shampoo with a beautiful fragrance, you can even get away without perfume – certainly for the first day or so. It’s all about picking the right products! Here are our top three shampoos to use if you want a scent that’s long lasting as well as beautiful.

Dove Nourishing Oil Shampoo

Dove aren’t just there for soap. Their haircare range nourishes and cares for your hair, and has a naturally clean scent filled with botanicals – and who doesn’t love the smell of a summer garden in bloom? It’ll leaving you smelling fresh and is the perfect scent for bright spring days and balmy nights. 

Pack this one when you’re going on your weekend retreat to the Drakensberg! Want to power up on the fresh and botanical smell? Add in either the Lux ‘Shake Me Up’ bodywash or beauty bar and you’ll be like a breath of fresh spring air everywhere you go for the day!

Organics shampoo

Organics is of South Africa’s true beauty secrets and a leading local brand that we love. Not only is it affordable and easy to get hold of, but it has a fruity smell that everyone from your mother to the kids will love. Think apples, strawberries and summery smells. If you’re someone who loves bright, happy scents then Organics shampoo is right up your alleyway. Pair it with a LUX soft touch bodywash for the ultimate scent combo.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth

With its alluring dark red packaging, you expect a smell with serious body. With a scent that somehow manages to be both floral, sweet and musky all at the same time, the Keratin Smooth is a true crowd pleaser. Like most TRESemmé shampoos, there are notes of melon intermingled with the musk and florals. Some might say the scent is heavy, but we love that it’s guaranteed to linger seductively on your hair after a good wash, so skip the heavy perfume and go with an unscented shower gel too.

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