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How To Pick The Perfect Fragrance For Someone Else

LUX South Africa | 22 May 2017

When it comes to buying gifts, you thought that picking something for your mother-in-law was the hardest task ever. There are some gifts that always deliver, no matter who you’re buying for. A good fragrance is one of them. But unless you know the person really well, or you know they’ve just run out of their signature scent, it can be tricky to find something that you’re sure will suit them. Keep these tricks up your sleeve to ensure that next time you can’t think of a gift for someone, you can nail the perfect fragrance.

Choose something age-appropriate

This one may seem obvious, but it’s still a great starting point. It doesn’t matter how good the perfume from this week’s hottest boyband is if you’re buying it for your great aunt. Aside from choosing something which is appropriate in terms of fragrance, you also want the packaging to appeal to the recipient, so bear in mind age and interests when browsing the perfume shelves.

Think about their clothes and character

Do they normally wear bright clothes with patterns or prints? Or do they stick to more neutral tones? Perhaps you only ever see them when they’re in workout gear! Are they loud and outspoken, or quiet? This can help give you an idea of the kind of scent they might like. If the person you’re buying for is very active and always on the go, pick a sporty and fresh scent. If they’re happy-go-lucky and you find them wearing bright colours and bold patters, you can probably choose something a bit more vibrant and summery.

What scents do they normally enjoy?

If you’re very lucky, you might even be able to get an idea of what kind of fragrances they would generally like! Why not ask a friend or relative to check their bathroom for you, or just ask someone close to them if they wear a certain type of perfume? If you know someone well, you might even remember that they have fruity body washes, shampoos and deodorants, or that they really enjoy the smell of jasmine. If you have any little golden nuggets

Pair it with something complementary

A lovely perfume is a wonderful gift just by itself. If you really want to win brownie points for being thoughtful and putting some effort into your gift though, add in a little something extra. A bodywash from the lux perfume collection is ideal for this, because you can choose a scent that will pair perfectly with the new perfume. Whether you went for something musky, floral, sweet or seductive, there’s definitely a shower gel or bath soap to complement your newly-chosen perfume. 

Package it all up together and leave a little note explaining why you picked that particular scent combination. Whoever you’re giving the gift to will love it!

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