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How To Be Confident In The Workplace

LUX South Africa | 22 May 2017

It can be tricky as a woman in a man’s world to learn how to assert yourself without being labelled “difficult” or “bossy.” This doesn’t just go for everyday situations, but the workplace too. Learning how to be assertive and project your confidence is a key skill for the modern woman, but rest assured that there are ways to be confident without being confrontational or unapproachable. After all, you are a fabulous woman and you deserve to be heard!

In some cases the old adage rings true; if you look great, you’ll feel great. To start every morning off in the right way, start with the most confident version of yourself. We’re not saying you have to repeat mantras in front of the mirror (though if you want to, feel free!) but on a big day, why not put a little bit more effort than usual into looking and feeling your best? The ten minutes of sleep you’ll lose is well worth the confidence boost you get from feeling on top of your game, we promise! A new beauty routine can make you feel like a whole new person! Start by investing in something a little bit more indulgent than you’re used to for your morning bath or shower, perhaps a beautifully invigorating shower gel that leaves you with soft smooth, fragranced skin. Spray on a perfume that you love, do your hair and if you’re a makeup kind of girl, add on a slick of lipstick or a coat of mascara. A good hand cream adds the finishing touch so that you’re handshake ready all day!

It’s also important to make sure your mindset is one of confidence and belonging. You were given your job for a reason, and it’s important not to be too apologetic about being there. Many women are guilty of lacking assertiveness in the workplace. Perhaps your emails are overly polite, you apologise when you haven’t said or done anything wrong, or you don’t speak up when you have a good idea in a planning meeting. Or, you might find yourself using certain phrases which automatically undermine you such as “This might be a silly idea but..” or “Could we maybe possibly think about doing something like XYZ.” If this sounds like you, it’s time to start believing in yourself! Speak up when you have an idea or want to add something to a discussion – and remember the three C’s; be clear, calm and concise when you speak.

Finally, always be bold. The world (and the workplace) needs brave, adventurous women. Many women are naturally hesitant or cautious, as society has ingrained this into us from a young age. Take risks, be excited about new things, and always rise to a challenge. You’ll learn new things every day, in both failure and success – and while you definitely will have failures, they’ll happen far less often than you think.

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