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Tips For Looking And Feeling Confident On A First Date

LUX South Africa | 2 October 2017

First date nerves must be the worst kind of nerves! Even job interviews have got nothing on first dates. What do you wear, where should you go, do you eat the burger even though you know you’re going to get sauce all over your face? Or do you pretend you’re a salad girl and enthusiastically bite into your lettuce even though you hate it? And what if you say something stupid or accidentally stray into one of those topics that all the magazines tell you is strictly third date territory? We can’t tell you how to eat a burger without making a barbecue sauce moustache, but we can let you in on some of our favourite beauty secrets to give you the confidence boost you need. Get ready to impress with some help from House of LUX!

Make yourself feel special and pampered, whatever that means to you. Take a long shower, shave and moisturise for soft, smooth skin. Maybe do your nails. Or, just spend half an hour reading a book if that’s the kind of pampering that you love best. Wear something that makes you feel great, whether it’s your absolute favourite underwear, a bright lipstick, the perfect jeans that sit just right or a perfume that you can’t get enough of. Even if the other person doesn’t know you’re wearing it, you will, and the fact that you have something on which makes you feel beautiful, happy and confident will shine through.

Take a minute or two to calm down. If you rush straight to a date after a hectic day at work, right after leaving the gym, or after a frantic phone call then you’re going to be flustered. Give yourself enough time to get ready, make sure you know where you’re going beforehand so you don’t get lost, and take a minute or two right before you walk in to breathe calmly and slowly and generally relax. Anything that will help put you in a calm, positive frame of mind is a good choice!

Keep your head held high, literally. When you walk into a room with your head up, taking in your surroundings, you ooze confidence. Do the same when you’re sitting down too, and remember to make eye contact. It sure beats shuffling in with your eyes fixed to the floor avoiding everyone’s gaze. Make yourself as tall as possible by rolling your shoulders down, straightening your back, and lengthening your neck. You’ll radiate self-confidence and might even trick yourself!

Be a good listener, and you’ll find that you quite easily begin to relax. Ask lots of questions about your date, regularly turn the spotlight back on them, and actually listen to what they have to say. By listening a lot, you resist the urge to waffle and talk too much, like people often do when they’re nervous. Plus, people love to talk about themselves, so your date will leave feeling that it went great!

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