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Spring Scents We Love

LUX South Africa | 2 October 2017

The cold, dark, wintery days and the blustering winds of August have given way to cool, fresh mornings and dewy, starry evenings…and you know what that means? Spring has arrived! With spring comes sunny weather, grass, flowers, longer days, and the scent of rain in the air. Here at House of LUX we just can’t get enough of the beautiful spring weather and the fragrances that go with it, so we present to you some of our very favourite spring scents; from perfumes through to flowers and everything in between.

One quick beauty routine change you can adopt to get that ‘spring is in the air’ feeling is to switch your perfume over to something a little bit more spring-suitable. Floral scented perfumes are always a spring winner, when the heavier musk-based fragrances have run their course and you’re looking for something, fresher and lighter. Marc Jacobs Daisy and Flowerbomb by Viktor & Rolf are two classic spring scents that will never grow old, but give L'eau D'isseyPure by Issey Miyake a try if you’re looking for something different. Add in a bodywash or soap from the lux shake me up collection for a little bit of extra spring freshness.

We also love the smell of gardens blossoming over spring. Azaleas are in full bloom, peach and cherry trees are at their colourful best, wisterias and yesterday-today-tomorrow trees are painting everything in shades of white, purple, orange and pink. That beautiful, sweet smell of spring blossoms mingling with freshly cut grass is enough to make you smile on even the saddest of days, and one of our favourite spring scents ever. It’s that cut-grass smell that evokes memories of outdoor school sports, signals us that the braais can begin, and a lovely reminder that it’s time to crack open a bottle of white wine and spend the afternoon reading in the garden.

Finally, we absolutely cannot get enough of the earthy smell that comes along with spring. If you can smell out a thunderstorm when it’s hours away then you’ll know the smell we mean! The mixture of the beginnings of summer heat along with either the start of the rainy season or the end (depending where you live!) leaves a beautifully heavy, earthy scent hanging in the air and we might just be a tiny little bit addicted to it…

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