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Celebrate Spring With These Three Tips

LUX South Africa | 2 October 2017

Winter is long gone now, and outdoor season is in full swing. We think that Spring is probably the best season of the whole year. The sun is starting to rise earlier, mornings are crisp enough to go for a walk or run without getting sticky and sweaty, the afternoons are warm and bright, and trees and flowers everywhere are showing off their pinks, purples and oranges in all their glory. So why wouldn’t you want to celebrate such a beautiful season? If you love spring as much as we do at House of LUX, you’ll want to embrace spring into your day to day routine – and luckily, we know how!

Add some spring style to your wardrobe

Ditch the dreary black and grey winter and pull out that yellow top you never wear, or swap the black work skirt for something with a pretty floral pattern. Even pretty, bright sandals or wedges instead of black pumps or boots can make the world of difference to how you feel. Need inspiration? Just look outside at all of the beautiful colours!

Choose a new perfume…

We all know that spring is half about the weather and half about the smell. Whether you’re in Joburg and love the smell of the first rain, you’re more coastal and prefer the coconutty scent of suncream and sea air, or you can’t help but (literally) stop and smell the roses every time you walk past, there’s definitely a spring scent that you love.  Browse the perfume aisles for something that makes you smile and think of spring when you smell it. It’s guaranteed to make you happy every morning when you spritz it on! You can even pair it with a new bodywash from the lux perfume collection to bump up the spring vibes!

Take up an outdoor sport

Taking some ‘me-time’ to enjoy spring is a great way to indulge yourself and gain a newfound appreciation for the spring season. You’ll feel healthier, hopefully make some great friends, and find a new way to enjoy the great outdoors while the weather is beautiful. As a bonus, you might even get fit and toned! Choose something you did at school, or pick an activity you always wanted to try. It could be anything from hiking to netball!

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