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Combat The Change In Seasons With These Skincare Tips

LUX South Africa | 20 November 2017

We’re super happy to be seeing summer approaching so fast, but the way these seasons keep swinging around so rapidly is causing havoc for our skin and beauty regimes! Do you go for skin care products with built in sunscreen, or do you bring out the waterproof mascara? Is it time for extra moisturiser to protect against the chilly wind, or instead, are you after a primer that will keep you skin matte in the heat? Here’s how to prepare for every eventuality this spring (or summer, or winter…whatever it is!)

Carry wet wipes or a face cloth in your bag

For those days when it’s suddenly sweltering and you prepared for a cool winter’s day, carry wet wipes or a face cloth in a small Ziploc bag. You can use it to wipe down your face and reapply any make up that has run, or you can use them on your body if you’ve worked up more of a sweat than you intended! A small spray deodorant isn’t a bad idea either!

Always, always use a moisturising body wash or soap

It’s easy to add in extra moisture with a body cream after your shower or bath as needed as well – though in the height of summer the sweaty feeling underneath moisturizer isn’t too pleasant. On those days, it’s important to make sure that your skin has had at least some love and care! Sure, you need the moisture more in winter when your skin starts to crack and go scaley, but who has ever thought their legs and arms looked too well-moisturised? Certainly not us!

We suggest always using a soap or body wash that helps to lock in moisture, rather than draw it out.  It’s just another way you can give your skin a bit of daily care. The House of LUX range of bodywashes and soaps will all help to keep you skin soft and smooth, rather than dry and itchy.

Prepare your face

Unfortunately, it’s hard to know exactly what weather you’re preparing for. If you can’t skip the makeup entirely, then opt for something which will work across most weather conditions. That means using a good gel-based moisturizer if possible because it will nourish your skin but won’t slide off if it gets hot or humid. Follow it with a fairly light foundation – mousse is best if you’re not sure how the weather is going to go. And yes, ALWAYS choose the waterproof makeup options as far as possible. You don’t want to get stuck in a sudden downpour looking like you stepped out of a horror movie!

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