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5 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Bodywash

LUX South Africa | 21 November 2017

If you jump in the shower, squirt a bit of bodywash on to your hands and rub it all over before washing it off, you’re not getting the best out of your bodywash! Sure, it’s better than nothing – but why not take a couple of extra minutes to make sure you maximise your benefits from your morning or evening shower? Here are some tips courtesy of House of LUX to help you out.

It works best with a washcloth

Yep, bodywash goes with a cloth like bacon goes with eggs. Rather than just using your hands add a flannel, loofah or something similar. It helps to get a great lather going and you also scrub away dead skin cells while you’re at it!

Lukewarm water is better

We know, we know. It’s so tempting to stand under the hot water for as long as possible especially on chilly evenings. Unfortunately, hot water can dry out your skin and even leave it itchy. Creamy, moisturising bodywashes can help to combat this but you need to do your bit too, especially if you’re prone to dry or sensitive skin. Try and turn the temperature down just a little so that it isn’t scalding hot, just warm. Even if you only do this a few times a week, it’ll help!

Pair your shower gel with moisturiser

The House of LUX shower gels are great at adding some extra moisture into your skin (the stuff that your hot water is taking away!) so that will definitely help you along. To get even better benefits from your moisturising bodywash, however, follow it up with a good moisturising lotion to lock all the moisture in and keep your skin super soft and smooth. Women typically have more sensitive skin than men, so women will really benefit from pairing a nourishing bodywash with a moisturising lotion.

Don’t use it on your face!

Bodywash is great for getting yourself squeaky clean while keeping your skin soft, but it isn’t designed for your face. Instead, you’d be better off using a cleanser or soap designed for your skin type.

A little goes a long way

Be frugal when squeezing out your bodywash. You don’t need huge amounts to get yourself clean, especially if you’re making use of a loofah or flannel too. If you squeeze out a R5-sized amount, that should be plenty – plus, you’ll save some money too!

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