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H2O lite: water saving grooming hacks

LUX South Africa | 24 April 2018

While your beauty is important, even more pressing are the issues that affect our planet. As South Africa faces serious water shortages, it’s important to keep our grooming regime as water efficient as possible. Here are some practical beauty tips to maintain your daily routine while you preserve as much precious H2O as possible.

  1. Most people begin their beauty regime with a cleanse, so let’s start there. Use your facial products as normal, just change your technique. Rather than using running water to wash your face, use a wet facecloth or sponge. It’s a simple water-friendly way to maintain your daily skin care routine.
  2. For a waterless option, use cleansing wipes to clean your face. These moistened towelettes will wipe away makeup and clear your skin of grime and oil build-up. Micellar water is also an alternative to help clean your face. Simply soak a cotton ball or pad with your favourite micellar product and thoroughly clean your skin. It will leave it feeling fresh and clean. No tap water, no fuss!
  3. Instead of washing your hair too regularly spray your roots with some dry shampoo - it’s an inspired way to give it some pep. It will reinvigorate your hair, banish that dreaded greasy scalp and give it the bounce it needs to go the extra day.
  4. 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner is also a fantastic way to conserve water when it eventually gets to wash day. It essentially cuts your wash time in half. For a little extra moisture, you can pop some leave-in conditioner on your ends if you are prone to dry hair.
  5. Choose water-wise hairdos for a way to delay your next wash. Rock the braids or styled dreads you have always wanted to try. The slicked back ‘wet’ look can also help you to postpone your upcoming shampoo. Or try a head scarf or wrap to add some extra pop to your outfit - the perfect cover up for those bad hair days.
  6. Do not shave in the shower. Rather use the washbasin. For a longer-term hair removal option that will save you time and water, try waxing your legs and underarms.
  7. Products that don’t need to be rinsed out are perfect - for example, try a leave-in conditioner which should save you litres of rinsing in the shower.

There are many beauty products that are water friendly, especially when combined with smarter techniques. So, there you are -  on your way to a conscientious water-lite grooming routine.

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